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We participate in multiple industries, based on expertise, flexibility and committed responsiveness to our customers’ needs


Thermopac Industries designs and thermoforms large and small work-in-process trays commonly used for internal transportation for non-consumer facing, industrial end-markets and supply chains of several components.


Thermopac provides our customers with the best design solution to organize, transport and/or package your sensitive electronic components protecting the product integrity from static charge and contaminant particles using anti-static and static-dissipative thermoformed materials.


The consumer division of the market is highly competitive and diverse; therefore, our team is committed to design an efficient cost-effective packaging solution with clear visibility of the product and the graphic card that fit peg hooks or sit on shelves easily.

The unique design of the package will offer protection during storage, transit and delivery as well as providing eye appeal for consumers on shelves helping our customers increase sales.


Medical devices need extra care and protection during pack-out, storage and transportation. Our quality control standards are created to meet each of our customers's unique specifications with complete control and traceability.


We design a custom medical packaging to our customers’ precise specifications, ensuring that these devices or instruments are well packaged and protected during sterilization, storage, shipment, and delivery is our commitment.