Environmental Responsiblity

Thermopac sees sustainability as more than just eco-responsible; we see sustainability as a compelling business strategy that drives innovation and growth.

We consider ourselves as a responsible consumer of resources and furthermore as an innovative supplier creating eco advantages for our customers and for consumers world wide.

  • Sustainable product design considering materials choices and manufacturing techniques
  • Encourage customer to use recycable materials to minimize harmful emissions

Environmental Policy

“At Thermopac, we are dedicated to be an environmentally responsible company who understands what it means to be efficient with natural resources and its importance as it reflects on our community.”

Environmental Principles:

  • Support the importance of environmental policies in our development
  • Use recycle raw materials such as as RPET, HIPS and PVC
  • Committed to recycling pallets, scrap material, corrugated boxes and paper
  • Propose current and new designs reusable trays reducing floor space
  • Commited to design optimal packagings
  • Constantly testing new sustainable materials for future designs

We value human life as the most important resource of our company and are committed to the health and well being of our employees, customers and community.